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Nero - This Seems to Work... But Need a Bit of Help

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Hi guys,

I have been playing around today with the Nero install, and seem to have found a way to get it to work nicely. I don't know if people are having any difficulties with Nero 8, but I have been, so thought I'd post this just in case :hello:

Note, that this requires an MSI editor (I've been using Wise Windows Installer Editor, but have loaded it into the IS 2009 demo and it will no doubt work too!).

First, I extracted the download package using 7z into a folder called "Nero".

I created a transform based on Nero.msi (under data\) and added/edited the following properties:



SERIALNUM_USERVAL - <serial number WITH hyphens here>


SERIALNUM - <serial number WITH hyphens here>

RebootYesNo - No

ProductID - <serial number WITH hyphens here>

INCLANGUAGES - ENG [change to your preferred]





I also went through the "features", and deleted everything except the required ones, and NeroBurningRomBCAFF604

Now, although this works, I do not *like* doing it this way. I'm guessing the following properties (defined as NULL_VALUEs at the moment) would help:




But I don't know what to put in there. Is it all the features I want included/excluded product codes' (BCAFF604 for example), or the whole feature name (eg: "NeroBurningRomBCAFF604")?

Also, if I try and input the properties "USERNAME" and "COMPANYNAME" with the others above, I get a warning message tell me that these variables will be overwritten in the install... And if I continue and include them anyway, they don't seem to work anyway. So although my Nero is installed, those fields are blank at the moment.

I'm not worried about slimming down the install media size, so I'm not looking for a NeroLite type thing. I just want to exclude 90% of the features (or, include just NeroBurningRom, the Tools, NeroProductSetup, NeroSuiteInstaller, and SpecialFeatures)

Any help just tweaking this so I can get it absolutely right much appreciated!!



PS: The final install command I used for the above is SetupX.exe /qb TRANSFORMS="customMSTName.mst"

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Hang on a second this version is from Updatepack.nl correct (I am using the same version only the Micro one) this installs perfectly using the supplied installer.

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