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How-TO? Ramdisk on WinPE


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You can resize the WinPEv2.0+ ramdisk partition (X:) at build time. Why would this not work for you?

Because OP is using:

I'm using a WinPE built from a WinXP SP2 source.

a WinPE based on XP SP2, which should mean WinPE 1.x? :unsure:



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Sorry about the long wait between posts. My computer blew up on me and I had to fix it. The harddisk for my C: drive went belly up and had to be replaced. The perfect instance of using a Windows AIO install DVD. As for the ram drive, I did get the evaluation version from Christian working, but only as an installable driver....I'm currently working on integrating it into the WinPE build. I'll let you guys know.



I may be wrong unsure.gif, but I don't think that WinPE 1.x is much different from BartPE or a Winbuilder PE.


The one you managed to build appears to be the "old" 1999 Windows 2000 sample driver, that AFAIK has a lot of limits, and has at least THREE different "stages" of evolution, the Christian Ghijselinck's/QSoft professional version you found:



and the "old" but still better than the MS "sample" freeware version here:



And newish "Gavotte RRamdisk.sys":


More resources:



Ok, then how do you get it to work then? I would perfer to use a MS only solution. I'm using WinPE 1.6 (2005) based on Win2003 SP1.

-- EDIT --

I got it working integrated with Windows PE. Now it boots up with no virtual memory error as well. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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