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nLite with dell OEM Activation


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Hi Guys,

Today i've been researching and getting used to nLite, and RogueSpear's scripts also...

I'm getting confused and need a few pointers. The Source CD is a dell OEM pre-install disc. Now I'm aware that the some key info and activation information is in the bios?

Because i'll use this disc on many dell OEM machines is there anyway of avoiding activation? A key is filled in Nlite, However it is a key from the desktop PC running nlite (not extracted from the cd). There is a key on the CD located in I386, Inside an Unattend.txt file. Though this key isn't valid when go through windows setup...

There must be a way of doing this, I've been looking at ScriptPackAddonsOEMScan-Dell(B6F0EEFD) and added OEMScan.exe to the runonce section but it still prompted for a key, I entered a working key from an old xp machine i have and it got passed installation no problem, However when i windows It is still asking for activation, and activation is in the start menu.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, I'm not fluent with all the methods used but i am able to grasp this sort of thing quite quickly (i think)....

Also, when build a machine i usually goto windows update and add all the critical updates, is there a pack/script that will do this automatically, that i could add to nlite.



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From what i've read, People are suggesting that Nlite has no affect on SLP. though i am definitely prompted for a key, and definitely being asked for activation. I will read some more and update with findings, thanks for the pointer :)

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Hi Guys,

I made some progress this morning... Been reading up on how all this works.

The key that nlite loads matches the dell OEM key here - http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?t=2127

I followed the instructions here - http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?t=3660

I also edited the WINNT.SIF which had an Asia key inside to the key that Nlite displays...

and replaced the files in i386 documents in the second link above.

I've got 3 machines and it is for personal use, they're brand new DELL Optiplex 760's. I burnt with nlite, What is very wierd is XP setup doesn't accept the OEM key. I used the DELL OEM disc to extract the OS.

Could I change the key in nlite to a work one or will this mess up the oem activation?

Thanks guys,


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Another odd problem i'm having:

I extract the DELL OEM CD, I then use RyanVM to attached all critical MS updates.

I then use WMP11 Integrator to integrate Windows media player

I then load the XPdir into nlite, Attached SP3 using the properly method (first or second screen in nlite)

It attaches without problems.

Then when setup is copying files during XP installation, I get an Error saying it cannot source sp3.cab

I just tried using an older Dell OEM disc i have, this one comes with SP2. the above still occured and It still rejected the OEM key during installation.

I suspect the sp3.cab problem has something to do with my ryanVM or WMP11 integration...

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