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XP Home SP 2


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I have a computer given to me by a nephew that had problems from the very beginning. It finally died and I moved to this one, in my sig, the other one was on a 30gig WD HD and have moved it to another system I have that is even older than the one given to me by that nephew. The system will not boot up it requests the original CD to run Repair and I never received any CD for XP with that system. It was on a 850gig Pentium III processor and the one I have it with now is AMD K6II 350MgHz. Is there any thing I can do to restart that system? #1. Is to recover some data that is still on that NT system and maybe even be able to work with it again. #2. I do not like giving up on exploring and learning about another system even though I am not a Computer Expert. Just a simple user that is very curious and likes to work with these systems.

Thank you for reading my post,

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Well to just get the data you can install it as a secondary hard drive in another system and copy the data off.

As far as getting it to work in your other system you will need an XP cd to do the repair. And even then sometimes it won't work when changing between processor brands.

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Thank you for this information, I was hoping some one would have a gimmick or some method of getting around that problem. Was given that computer without a CD for XP and now it seems to have gone BYE! BYE! Guess will just have to give it up.

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