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Windows 7 version

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I know Windows 7 isn't finished yet, so still some icons may be updated and fixed, and some of those from Vista have been,

but as of the latest build 7077, the regedit icon is still the old one, the advanced attributes icon is not updated, and the disk quota

icons to name some examples.

However, I'm glad to see they have updated the battery icon in device manager, offline web pages in windows folder and the Wordpad

interface since Vista, hopefully we won't need a version for Windows 7, but I have a feeling Microsoft is gonna forget about a few pieces...

What do you guys think?

I'm still surprised at least they haven't updated the regedit icons yet, the new icons have even been made and is in the Vista shell32 files,

but they haven't been applied as of yet, but they DO have time to change the mspaint and calculator icons which looked fine, though I

can agree the new ones are an improvement, I think the most important part is to get rid of all win 3.11/95 era icons.

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