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XP Installation hangs on "Registering Components"

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I have a problem with the customized XP installation I created by using nLite. I have already tried removing/adding various different relevent packages to see the effects. However same problem exists (i.e. XP Installation hangs on "Registering Components").

The interesting thing is that, XP installs on a virtual machine, but not my main machine (real box).

I have Dell XP M1530:



2.00Ghz Dual Core

nVidia 8600GT 512Mb

I have included my LastSession file. LAST_SESSION.INI

Any ideas of what do to?

Thanks you so much for your help and time. Mo

Edited by mofirouz

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mofirouz, at this time I only have some questions. What kind of Widows CD to you have - Recovery, Retail, OEM or other? Have you followed these basic rules? Make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders, do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP. Please report when you have a solution, so others can benefit. Enjoy, John.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have the Retail Genuine copy of WinXP Pro SP2.

I always started with one session and the folder i was working on was a fresh copy of the CD, copied by nLite.

I managed to get it working partially. However I did NOT remove any of the packages neither touched any of the services. I also discovered that it always stops on the same spot:

<<13 Minute Remaining: Registering Components>> This is when setup is installing/registering my graphics card (nVidia 8600GT). I can only assume that, Windows need one of those services/packages for its install.

Any idea what packages nVidia/XP uses to install the monitor/graphics card?

Thank you Mo

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Hi mofirouz,

in the previous Last_Session.ini that you enclosed I didn't see any drivers attached. Are you maybe doing a new procedure now? If so, could you send that Last_Session.ini or a screenshot of the nLite screen where you add the nVIDIA driver ?

This is an example of my [Drivers] section in Last_Session.ini, while yours was empty:


D:\My Documents\DOWNLOAD\drivers\Intel GMA Driver for Mobile\Graphics\igxp32.inf,0

D:\My Documents\DOWNLOAD\drivers\Intel GMA Driver for Mobile\HDMI\IntcHdmi.inf,0

I usually unpack the driver package in a folder (with WinRAR, but I guess you can also use others), and on the "Drivers" page in nLite point to that folder; it finds the corresponding .ini file and imports it. For me, that's all there is to it.


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mofirouz, I think this has nothing to do with your hang, but you need to remove the Tweak "Explorer-Launch folder windows in a separate process". It exposes a Windows bug. You also need to be careful with the Option "Remove CD Prompt". It can cause repeated boots from the CD, if the disk is not removed. I don't think you should need to include drivers for your graphic card, but it is worth a try. It must be hardware related since it installs under a VM. Please give the graphic driver a try and let us know. Enjoy, John.

EDIT: Corrected name, sorry about that. John.

Edited by johnhc

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thanks for the reply.

I think i need to clarify some stuff. I am not adding any nVidia drivers to xp until after the installation (which has nothing to do with this issue). Also I mentioned that the image made works prefectly well on VMs, but NOT on the actual installation. This is caused VM does not directly supply the guest OS with the real graphical interface, but a generic one (until you install the extra package or whatever after the guest OS is installed).........

I also said, from previous experiences, the bit (13 min remaining blah blah blah) is the bit that the setup tries to install my monitor/graphics card.

Also, to johnhc, i dont think that the issues that you pointed where the issue, since without removing any services or packages AND adding the optional stuff like Launch Explorer in a differnet process, xp installation worked prefectly well (what im using right now)....

What I am guessing is that one of the services/packages have something to do with the setup of monitor/graphics card. To be more precised, one of the services/packages REMOVED (lookup the session.ini file i posted earlier) has something to do with this problem....

I hope this clarified some stuff...

Again, thanks for the input guys. I really apperciate it! Mo

Edited by mofirouz

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mofirouz, I corrected your name in my previous post - sorry about that. I have spent some time looking at your Last Session. I found nothing, other that what I talked about, that might cause your problem. If you think it was something in the Remove Components, Tweaks, or Options, then quit using these steps and only integrate SP3 and run Unattended. Here are the particulars on SP3. Please check yours against these.

Name: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe

Size: 316 MB (331,805,736 bytes)

MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58

I am more inclined to blame hardware or a BIOS setting. Have you every installed any XP on this computer? Perhaps you could try installing the CD as it came from the store and see if it installs OK.

Good luck, John.

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No worries mate, i didnt even notice it :D

Yes, I have installed xp a lot of times on this machine, from scratch and original and it has worked. I have even (now for the first time) have installed a customized nLite xp on this BUT without removing any of the crappy services or packages.

Anyhow, I guessed im gonna be stock with this version. Its all good :)

Also, just a suggestion for anybody else reading. Enabling AHCI for your hard-disk (my laptop supports it), lowers down your spin rate, lowers your over temperature and fan, and it copies and does the job much much faster. Thanks to nLite!

Thank you guys again


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