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Can't integrate ie8 to vista dvd


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After extracted the exe file with winrar, the lang pack can not be integrate to vista with vlite (ielangpack-FRA.msu), not recognize as a valid msu file ?? error indicates by vlite when you try to integrate. I Have not find a workaround til now !! Vista DVD is original french MSDN.


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I got the same problem with the german lang pack, you can extract the .msu and try to integrate the .cab file, but that doesn't seem to work either. I tried it several times and always get a bluescreen after the installation :(

If you find a way to integrate the lp please tell me ;)

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I slipstreamed the IE8 to a Vista Business DVD and I even included the cab of the german lang pack, but after the installation I always get this bluescreen. Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of the problem?


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Okay my first post didn't make any sense, after I red it myself.

To integrate IE8 in another language, do the following:

Download the Internet Explorer 8 installer from Microsofts Download Center

In my case, the filename was IE8-WindowsVista-x64-FRA.exe

Extract the downloaded file with WinRAR, and you'll end up with a .msu file.

Rename the extracted .msu file to .cab and open it with WinRAR.

Inside the that cab file, is another cab file. The cab file, in the cab file is the one you need to use for integration.

It is the same modus for the Language pack.

So in my case, I had to "dobble extract" to end up with the files:

Windows6.0-KB944036-x64.cab and KB944036.cab

So in short:

Exe -> Msu -> Cab -> Cab

The last one is for integration use.

Et voilà :)

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