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  1. Why two link for the same architecture ? Have you the same for X86 ones ? Thanks for reply
  2. After extracted the exe file with winrar, the lang pack can not be integrate to vista with vlite (ielangpack-FRA.msu), not recognize as a valid msu file ?? error indicates by vlite when you try to integrate. I Have not find a workaround til now !! Vista DVD is original french MSDN.
  3. Hi, I dont know vbscript but you can get more info with the use of a soft like LDP.exe or ldap browser. But by experience when you make a query you must first indicate the base DN, domain and account to connect. Be carefull the base DN is different if you query a Windows AD, Netware, Lotus Domino. try first to query a windows AD and you'll see the different objects and atttributes. Hope this will help you.
  4. I dont think so, you can made an upgrade from Vista to Vista (eg : home basic to home premium). But this is not possible with an OEM version Nice day. Regards
  5. DirtyShady, I experienced the same problem, but for my side I export all the images (windows ultimate, windows home premium...) from the original install.wim for creating a new one with all the builds x86 et x64, I used WAIK to do it. If I use oscdimg to create the final iso file the install.wim which was around 4.5gigs, is around 380Mb after ???. I did not noticed that the first time, so when I tried to install this version in WMWare, it said that it was impossible to find install.wim or this file was corrupt. So for my point of view the application integrated in vlite or waik as a problem for creating an iso higher than 4.3gigs (i made many tests). The workaround for me was to use UltraISO and create a bootable DVD. Now it works fine.
  6. I have a question around this : I want to modify the greend background or wallpaper in the vista installation (after the first DVD boot) when you select language and so on. I use reshack and used some infos on different forum, when I open the file I got a BMP logo. So I do not know if it's the good one. Could someone give me the correct files and the application to use in order to modify it ? Thanks to all of you. Nice day.
  7. If it's like mine, the DVDs contain in the "source" folder an install.swm file. So,copy the whole first DVD to a folder, then take the second DVD and copy the install2.swm file in the "source" folder of your folder,do the same with the other DVDs. Then use NLite and point to your folder, it will convert you install.swm, install2.swm,.... into a single install.wim file. Then make an iso and burn it. Regards.
  8. Finally found the problem, it was coming from the iso file generated from oscdimg. In the original folder (finaldvd) the install.wim file was around 4.3 Gb(after exporting all images) which was correct, but after creating the iso it was around 383Mb ???? So I used UltraISO and create a bootable iso (UDF) from the original folder (finaldvd). But you have to integrate the folder 6.0.6000.1386_amd64 in the source of finaldvd folder before burning. Thanks to all and have I nice end of week.
  9. Hello, Sorry to ask a newbie question again, but I type exactly what you gave me to export all images to an install.wim, but on boot up I get on error message that install.wim is not valid (iso launched with VMWare) ??? Have you a workaround ?? Thanks.
  10. Sorry for late reply, that is exactly what I needed. Thanks to you guys !!!
  11. I found how to extract all the images from x86 dvd and x64 dvd, but I like to know how to merge all the different win files corresponding repectively to the installation versions of Windows Vista into one unique wim file (install.wim). Did not find this info on the forum. Thanks for your replies.
  12. No news concerning my problem reported Vlite 1.1.1 with integration of others languages ?? Thanks anyway !
  13. Thanks for your answer. I tried also many other thing. 1. Taken a french vista ultimate version and integrate the english pack 2. Rebuilt completly not only Ultimate. 3. Installed with english language : all is ok 4. Installed with french language : not ok error (the language as not been installed pop up messsage) 5. Rebuilt only ultimate : same problem Yesterday : 1. Taken a english version ultimate and integrate the french pack 2. Rebuilt completly not only Ultimate 3. Installed with french language ok 4. Installed with english language : not ok error (the language as not been installed pop up messsage) 5. Rebuilt only ultimate : same problem So it seems the the original language of the DVD can never been installed only the added language pack My question is : Do I have to integrate all the hotfix and the language pack to resolve the problem, because I becoming crazy ?? Can I do these modifications only on a OEM version ?? Is there a particular way to accomplish these modifcations ?? Thank for the answer of everyone
  14. Yesterday I tried to made a compilation with a retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate (official not pirated). The version is French and I used VLite version 1.1.1 to integrate the English language and have the choice to select the language installation after boot up. When I select English language at installation everything is OK and the installation works perfectly. But when I select the French language , the installation failed and give me a message that stipulate ''This language cannot be installed'' or something like that and the process cannot continue. I looked up on the installation DVD the lang.ini is ok. I tried also with WAIK but I have no experience on how to do (to much complicated for me). Can some give me more explainations if possible. Thanks to all for your answers.

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