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Newbie needs help downloading SP3


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Hi Newbie here! I am trying to make an XP Pro slipstream disc with SP3 & cannot seem to find SP3 to download. Here is what I have tried so far:

In the nlite program it gives me the choice to select the service pack for integration which I tried, but sp3 is not listed. So I chose the Windows XP from the official online location, which takes me to: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers

Brief Description

This installation package is intended for IT professionals and developers downloading and installing on multiple computers on a network. If you're updating just one computer, please visit Windows Update at http://update.microsoft.com .

Which I am only using a single pc.

Then I tried from the microsoft update & it searches my computer & lists the updates I need, which SP3 is not listed (I already have it on my pc).

I tried to manually find the download & I keep going around in circles.

Is there a easier way to download just SP3? I could use the sp3 that is already on my pc, but I don't know where to file the file & I am not sure if I should use it since I am upgrading my mobo, cpu, ram,HDD & PS. Would SP3 be different for my old system by being tied to that mobo etc?

If I can use my existing SP3, where do I find it on my computer to add to the slipstream install?

Also will I run into the same problem for hotfixes & other updates?

Thanks for the help, sorry I don't know how to do this, but slipstreaming is all new to me.

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Your first choice was the correct one: "Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers".

That's the full installation of SP3, even if you're just installing to one PC. For other questions about nLite, you'll have to ask someone else, because I don't use it myself.

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Thanks for the SP3 download info. I got it. Now I am trying to find where the hotfixes & updates are stored on my computer. I am sure they are somewhere in the windows/system folder, but I haven't found them. Are they hidden? What is the directory I should look for?

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Hotfixes for integration/slipstream/unattended (whatever...) are not obtained from already-installed-from-MSorWindows-Update. These are not suitable.

You should get them using Windows Updates Downloader (WUD, found here on MSFN) or Autopatcher (official site found using google). Either/Both will download all known Official Full Install packages directly from MS to your PC and are suitable.

There are several places either on MSFN or in an additional Link in an MSFN topic that will point you to "known as-of" lists.

go here ... and "follow the yellow brick road"


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