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bcdw with bartpe


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i'm trying to put bartpe on my bcdw.

I copy the i386 and programs folder to bcdw root but when i compile, it gives me a lot of errors

with i386 folder.

i've attached my errors log

hope someone can help me



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thanks for replying ;)

this is my command line of mkisofs

mkbtiso -j bcdw


Well, it won't work.

However that's the additional parameter you are giving to mkbtiso.bat, which will result in correspondent mkisofs commands:

: *** File system options

set fs_options=

if "%1" == "-u" set fs_options=-N -d -D -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -J -joliet-long -udf
if "%1" == "-j" set fs_options=-N -d -D -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -J -joliet-long
if "%1" == "-l" set fs_options=-N -d -D -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -max-iso9660-filenames -allow-multidot -allow-leading-dots -allow-lowercase
if "%1" == "-lu" set fs_options=-N -d -D -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames -max-iso9660-filenames -allow-multidot -allow-leading-dots
if "%1" == "-s" set fs_options=-N -d -D -no-iso-translate -relaxed-filenames
if "%1" == "-v2" set fs_options=-iso-level 4
if "%1" == "-v2u" set fs_options=-iso-level 4 -force-uppercase

: -N, -omit-version-number Omit version number from ISO9660 filename (violates ISO9660)
: -d, -omit-period Omit trailing periods from filenames (violates ISO9660)
: -D, -disable-deep-relocation Disable deep directory relocation (violates ISO9660)
: -no-iso-translate Do not translate illegal ISO characters '~', '-' and '#' (violates ISO9660)
: -relaxed-filenames Allow 7 bit ASCII except lower case characters (violates ISO9660)
: -max-iso9660-filenames Allow 37 character filenames for ISO9660 names (violates ISO9660)
: -allow-multidot Allow more than one dot in filenames (e.g. .tar.gz) (violates ISO9660)
: -L, -allow-leading-dots Allow ISO9660 filenames to start with '.' (violates ISO9660)
: -allow-lowercase Allow lower case characters in addition to the current character set (violates ISO9660)
: -force-uppercase Do not allow lower case characters

Thus, you can try INSTEAD of -j the -v2u one, or as said use directly mkisofs with the command line in the given link. ;)


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