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Installation hangs at "Setup is starting Windows"


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When I test Windows XP Pro images burned with nLite v. by trying to install them in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (v,

the installation always hangs at a screen that says

"Setup is starting Windows."

This problem recurs after many many attempts.

Can anybody please advise how I can fix this?

I'm doing this on a Windows XP Pro SP3 PC, with all MS updates.

About 1.5 years ago I made several nLited installation disks that worked beautifully, but now this mysterious problem. I don't understand how to fix it.

Advice appreciated. Thank you.

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scott14, please attach (not paste) your Last Session.ini. Make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders, do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP. When you find a solution, please post it here so others can benefit. Enjoy, John.

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I don`t know what`s your problem with attachments, a screener is not the best way to show your LS.ini.

But okay, I took a look at it, and I don`t know why you integrate all the MS-Drivers again.

They are included in XP, even nLite doesn`t remove them. No need to integrate them again.

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scott14, lower right of the reply screen are the Browse... and UPLOAD buttons. Use them to locate your file and attach it. The problem with the image is that it cannot be easily searched. I see no text mode drivers. What kind of attachment to you have on the drive you are installing on? If it is SATA or a RAID, you will need text mode drivers. Please attach you Last Session and let us know about your install drive. Enjoy, John.

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g-force & johnhc:

(a) With no added drivers:

Ran nLite on a completely new copy of the Windows disk with no drivers added, as you suggest.

The resulting nLite ISO still hangs at "Setup is starting Windows."

(b ) computer type set to AUTOMATIC:

Ran nLite on a completely new copy of the Windows disk with computer type set to AUTOMATIC instead of APCI Multiprocessor PC and the resulting nLite .iso DID WORK!!! This was the fix!!

(c ) Attach

Thank you for teaching me how to Attach a file to a post on MSFN.

The Last .ini is attached. If anybody sees errors it will be appreciated if you advise.


One very tiny thing I notice is that when you tell nLite to remove all the languages and keyboards, a very few don't get removed. No big deal.

Thank you both! Your help was excellent and most appreciated! And of course, thanks to nuhi for creating this fantastic nLite tool. -Scott

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scott14, thanks for reporting. We are glad you running. I had forgotten about Ponch's Automatic Computer Type. I looked at your .ini and see no problems. I think I have seen before that some one was wondering about some languages staying. It seems like it was because your CD is English USA (ENU), certain western languages are kept. If you are interested in pursuing, do a search on these forums. Enjoy, John.

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Thx for reporting. I'm sorry I didn`t read your first LS.ini too carefully.

Wrong computertype is often the reason for errors - i didn't see it.

So we got to mention, that the goal was made by ponch. :yes:

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