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Hi ,

I need help with just a lil thing , I have created many sfx silent installers through reading and understanding the process posted by many brilliant ppl here , thanx a lot! but here is wot im trying to do next and not getting any success....

I am trying to make a .cmd file that installs my applications one by one , but its not happening ,, either the cmd exists after installing the first software or starts to install them all together. (I have all the silent install so i am not worried bout that)

I am just a noob :unsure: so a lil help wud be kind, I just want cmd to install say for example CCleaner then wait till it is finishes and then start to install the 2nd software and so on...

thanx in advance.

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In your cmd file use command "start /wait"


@echo off

start /wait Ccleaner.exe
start /wait firefox.exe


By using this command, it will start installation of a program, then it will wait for the installation to complete before running your next application install.

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