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  1. Well, that sure is a lengthy process and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help.
  2. I see. can anyone have a msdn account or technet subscription? I am guessing its not available for everyone.. right? Thanks for replying
  3. Ok.. I found this link but I am not sure that it will install the full Windows XP when doing clean install . I think this is just an update. Am I right? this is the link :- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=2fcde6ce-b5fb-4488-8c50-fe22559d164e&displaylang=en#Overview
  4. Hello Dear Friends, I lost My Windows XP CD which I purchased few years back, so I was wondering if it was possible to download full iso image which i can burn on a cd and use it to install on my pc, i already have the key and i don't want to download it illegally over the net. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can someone pls tell me how one should go on about changing the XP taskbar properties dialogue box, you know the one that pops out when one right click the taskbar and select properties, all I want to change it the picture of blue luna taskbar which it shows with a custom one. any help would be helpful.. thanks NOTE:I have attached an image just in case I wasn't clear with my explanation.
  6. hi,can u pls provide me the silent switches u used, or maybe upload the silent installer on mediafire. thanx in advance
  7. Here is a script for DAP - Download Accelerator Plus Version 93, for offline install, pls don't use it when you're online. This is for free version and it won't put any desktop icons and would also stop internet explorer or firefox to run at the end dap_autoit93.au3
  8. Wow!, this gets the job done man!!, thanx a lot ~~!! Its a nice little utility and it helps in many other stuff thanks again.
  9. Let's say I have a folder in drive C: named X I can open that folder from a cmd window with the command start C:\X but what If I want to close the same opened folder through cmd or a bat , How can I do it?? thanx in advance..
  10. Hi all , I am just a noob trying my first unattended xp sp3 using nlite , i just wanted to know if there is a way to add sfx silent applications that i made with help of some msfn members ,into the xp unattended cd , so that they they get install during the first login , like right after the windows restarts the pc when all window installation is finished and also one other thing I wanted to ask is when are the nlite addons intalled , i mean the.cab files , do they get installed during the xp installation or during the first login. any help wud be very helpful. Thanx in advance I dont know wot GuiRunOnce is , so if someone could explain it in easy words that would be very kind , I think GuiRunOnce is used to run application at firts install but I donno the procedure, help pls.
  11. Thanx a lot! it worked
  12. Hi , I need help with just a lil thing , I have created many sfx silent installers through reading and understanding the process posted by many brilliant ppl here , thanx a lot! but here is wot im trying to do next and not getting any success.... I am trying to make a .cmd file that installs my applications one by one , but its not happening ,, either the cmd exists after installing the first software or starts to install them all together. (I have all the silent install so i am not worried bout that) I am just a noob so a lil help wud be kind, I just want cmd to install say for example CCleaner then wait till it is finishes and then start to install the 2nd software and so on... thanx in advance.

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