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Glass Screen 22" Monitors


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I've searched for several hours, looking for a 22"

monitor with a hard glass screen. As far as I can

tell, only the Asus LS221H and Dell's 2209WA are

sold in the USA. I found several 22" glass monitors

available in the UK only. For about five minutes

I thought about having one shipped from the UK.

I can't even guess what the shipping costs would


The Dell monitor is incredibly expensive, so the only

real choice I have is the LS221H which you can get

for under $300.00.

There are costly glass screen protectors which are

clamped or strapped to the monitor screen. I'm

a partner in a business that makes various custom

parts from metal or plastic. I simply do not believe

that you can make a "one size fits all" glass screen

protector. The glass protector would have to fit your

brand of monitor almost perfectly. A custom made

protector is the only kind I would trust.

Are there any other 22" glass screen monitors available

in the USA, besides the two I've listed?

I'm 99% sure the answer is negative. I don't follow

the endless flow of new hardware like some of you

do. That's why I'm asking.


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All I can do is apologize, Redhatcc.

2209WA is a very nice monitor at a reasonable price.

It does not, however, have a glass screen.

I've looked at so many monitors my brains may be

scrambled for life!

Here's a link to a Google shopping page:


As you can see, the 22" model with a glass screen is extremely

expensive. Most of the reviews about this model usually say

something about a rich guy who wants to impress his friends.

In other words, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!

There is something I just don't get. Despite the ecomonic

decline here in the USA, we still are the largest market in

the world for products manufactured in other countries.

During all my useless searching I kept coming up with listings

in European countries for 22" monitors with glass screens. None

of them are sold or shipped to the USA. If someone has an

explanation, please enlighten me.

Again, I apologize for posting the wrong model number.

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