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n7ite Anyone?


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I got started reading this forum because of the excellent nLite utility. I have avoided Vista because it is such a f***ing pig, no matter how hard you vLite it. And then I read the news about a research project inside Microsoft dubed 'Min Win' that was successful enough to make an impact upstream into the Windows 7 codebase (and I think even Windows Server 2008 some).

I would actually consider buying another Windows OS if in fact it is at least as strip-downable as XP was with nLite.

Has anyone heard of anyone trying to get at a really-ultra-stripped-down Windows 7?

Or even heard that nuhi is working on, say, n7ite?

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Minwin is in its current state a cleanup between kernel and usermode code. In vista and earlier some kernel mode functions made calls to usermode functions wich in turn called other kernel mode functions.

This has been cleaned up to Win7/2008R2 so that kernel mode calls remains in kernel mode.

The bootable testplattform made from minwin was about 35 megs in size and capable of booting from HD and capable of network access the last time i heard anything about it.

Marks blogg should have info on both :). Or listen to his presentations, they are really good

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