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Vista reboots without warning . . .


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Any ideas as to why this is occurring would be very appreciated.

My system is within my sig. This started about last November, 2008 and have been doing some investigating for myself, without any luck. I had downloaded a copy of 'GMER' and never could make it work and now cannot remove same. Downloaded a fresh copy a couple of days ago and it works and run with much to display, have copy pasted some of the info if anyone would like to see, they are rather large files. NO postings unless requested.

My Avira AntiVir, Comodo Internet Security, DiamondCS's RegProt and SpyBot Search & Destroy's Tea Timer, have all been shut down without any reason, nor even been told on some occasions. None of my AutoRun at boot time will install from within the registry. I can go to the Start, Programs, and the responsible folders for each and start them that way. Or even use the RUN command for some, have been experimenting to see what else is not working.

My system keeps freezing for about 1 to 2 min. and have been told to uninstall "Tea Time," which I did and it still is doing that. Had DiamondCS' RegProt (have used it for several years maybe 10) on here and up until about a day ago it would run through all or any new entries in the RegistryFile, about 10 to 13 entries, in just a few seconds, now it may take up to 20 to 30 min. My H/D light keeps flashing even when I disconnect my DSL line and not doing anything on the keyboard, just sit there and watch. Do you think they have finally perfected the ESP software? HA! HA! HA! JOKE do not get your shorts in a knot. Oh! one other point in that area, the modem "Activity" light is not flashing most of the time even with the DSL connected, I know it will not when disconnected.

I ran CCleaner, latest version and using the "Windows" tab in there listed out many files that it found and wanted to remove so I told it to remove them. After about 3 hours it was still working on that job, I killed it and ran another "Analyze" and saved the list that came up. Then did an "Analyze" for "Application" tab and saved a copy of that and it looks to be the same list, have not compared them yet.

Every now and then when doing either a AV scan or SBS&D or just using my system to surf the web it will just go "blank" (black screen) and start to reboot. I will not allow that to occur, I all ways to a COLD boot, except for when Microsoft is doing a(just at this point my system FROZE for about 1.5 min.)n update that may contain security software.

Any ideas as to What or Why this may happen would really be appreciated, thank you for reading my poster,

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There are certain programs, for example (this has multiple names) Antivirus 2009, will block certain programs from launching. This malware also installs a rootkit, which assists in blocking such programs. You can try to rename the programs that will not open and see if they then open.

You can try the latest shareware of MalwareBytes program to remove this, but you also must rename it.

And in the future, do not say "will not post unless requested" or else we (myself included) can only guess as to the problem.

Please post the version (including Service Pack) of Vista you are using.

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