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FireGL V3100 has dual monitor support, can I add a 3rd LCD


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hello fellow msfn-ers!

I have a friend who has a dual LCD setup with the above mentioned card.

both LCD's are connected via VGA

one connected to the VGA connection

the other is connected to the DVI using a DVI to VGA adaptor

Would it be possible to get a Y-Splitter for the VGA connection and get a 3rd LCD connected or does he need a 2nd VGA card?



ps- here are the specs for the card:

ATI FireGL V3100


Built on ATI’s native PCI Express x16 lane architecture

Outstanding entry-level workstation performance and quality utilizing 4 pixel pipelines and 2 geometry engines

128 MB DDR unified graphics memory

Dual display support via DVI and VGA outputs

Optimized and certified for professional workstation applications based on OpenGL® and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0

Windows® and Linux® support

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