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Make VirtualPC Image from Phisical Drive?


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Hey all,

I have run into a problem... I got a system that is infected with a variant of the Virut & Cutwail infections that are NOT current detections in any of the 39 common antivirus' (verified on virustotal website) :unsure:

Here is my situation, I need to get the computer up and running again ASAP... so I am going to format and reinstall windows, however, it erks me that I could not fix the infection. I would also like to help the AV companies out there by submitting the infections. What I need help doing is creating a clone of a physical drive so that I can play around trying to clean the infection within a VirtualPC... anyone have any Ideas or what is the best way of how I can do this?

Thanks in advance

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The only thing you can do is submit to the av companies the infected file.

That's why i don't use the anti programs, they are only good if they rules are in their database. You could be infected right now and not even know it, as long as there isn't mass distribution how will anyone know?

For example, I can create a virus and embed it into any file i want and send it to ya. You run the program or whatever, you know nothing. Since i didn't wide release and and as long as it's not noticable, you would never know.

Here is what you could do in the future:

DeepFreeze or other solution

Format, reinstall, set it up then create an image, so in the future if this happens, restore the image, update, and update the image (best solution).

Don't get infected.

Virus Total is a good tool, i run untrusted software through there all the time, but i still run it in a VM.

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