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access is denied


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searched, well tried as i can never use it on this site, for the phrase;

access is denied

when you open some folders, like for example;


why is this so?

i need to change a file in one for vmware but am unable to access the folder to see if file exists

as a side, where has the search function gone?

used to be a right click or start menu option but no more

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cheers, nice of them to confuse for the only reason of confusion

I think it was done to consolidate the server and desktop version into one compatible build.

While they were at it they got rid of the too long name the old one had.

They did have the sense to put the shortcut icon on it so it's actually possible to figure out what the heck they did there. If you really really really want to click on that shortcut you can do it by giving yourself permissions to it in the usual way. Currently it's set to system only so programs looking for it can find it (badly coded programs, that is).

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