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Can not remove some exe files; Windows 7 or normal?


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That's odd, I didn't have it until I upgraded from 7000 to 7048.

It's annoying as it keeps 'locking' the exe's I'm compiling hardly convenient that I have to reboot to recompile it or give it a new name EVERY time I want to compile it.

Are you all using x64?

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Three types of causes for not being able to delete a file / folder:

A running process has a handle on the file or directory - stop the process or close the handle

You do not have permissions to delete the file or directory - elevate your rights to gain or modify permissions

The file or directory name is null - in folder root execute "rmdir /s /q" from command prompt

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Y'all should be reading the Windows7forum.

I found a neat little script there, called "Take Ownership" which I now run on every Vista or Win-7 install that I have to set up.

Run it on any folder like "Program Files" and it gives you total ownership of every file in that folder.

I now run it on all personal folders, all Program Files folders and even the Windows folder.

No more access denied messages.

Download the script here:


Then shut off that obnoxious UAC!!!!

Get that script here:


Just run these two scripts when you start a setup with either Vista or 7, for a much nicer working PC.

The Take Ownership script puts that comment in the right click context menu.

Just right click on any folder or file and "Take Ownership" of it.

Just a few simple scripts can tame the savage beast!

Cheers Mates!


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I have Windows 7 x64RC (build 7100) installed today and the problem is still there. Specifically,

if you uninstall a program, all exes from the program folder remain undeleted for about 20 seconds,

completely locked (in fact you cant even delete them by hand, or modify any security rights or file owner).

After that time, the files just disappear silently.

If you go into the application folder without starting the uninstaller and delete by hand any of the exe files

the file is deleted right away.

This is very annoying as it makes impossible auto-updating of some programs, like Valve's Steam, that

when trying to delete the main Steam.exe, to replace it with the new updated version, fails every time.

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Using Windows 7 x64 RTM and over the course of an hour of using the OS I came across no less than 20 instances of me not being able to delete various executable files. I thought I had screwed something up by disabling a boatload of services and applying quite a few tweaks so I did a fresh format and encountered the same issue over and over and couldn't even install Steam as the installer needs to delete the steam.exe file to update it with a new one and it can't remove the file. The problem persists whether or not I'm in the built in administrator account you have to enable or if UAC is on or off. Taking ownership of the files does not remove the error saying that you need administrator rights. The only thing that works is waiting about 10 minutes until the OS lets you delete the files.

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