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ask about division hardisk


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Question on the subject of the division of hard disk I have already install win xp on hard disk and this active and set primary partisan

now I wanna install win 7 i'm put partisan size 70GB NTFS primary or set partisan Logical

I mean

1-win xP already install

NTFS 70GB,active,primary

2-win 7

NTFS 70GB primary Or put logical

Divide the hard disk

right or wrong

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you mean no problem if set primary partition on xp and windows 7

just set logical partition for share file


can give me over explain about this topic or any toturils talk about partition primary and logical becuase I wanna installs xp and win7 and linux I don't know what frist setup os

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Windows installs only on primary active partition, regardless it's C or D or Z for that matter. You have to set the second partition PRIMARY ACTIVE. ;)

Well NO, at least unless Windows 7 (and just Windows 7) has dramatically changed. :whistle:

Windows NT/2K/XP/2003 boot files (NTLDR/NTDETECT.COM/BOOT.INI) or Vista/2008 (BOOTMGR/BCD) need normally to be on a Primary partition (unless a boot manager is used) but OS can be installed to a Logical Volume inside Extended allright.

Besides, it is also possible to make a Logical Volume inside Extended "behave" as a Primary partition, by fixing the bootsector.







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