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Why can't i account for all the space my HD is supposed to be usin


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If i left click the c:\ drive and choose properties it says i have used 15.2 gigs of space wbut if i go into the c: drive and select all folders and files there like program files, documents and settings, windows and all others etc... and the left click/properties it says the total space used is 6.8gigs.

I have 2 other primary partions as well set, both of them say they have used 10 gigs each even though i have only installed windows 7 and windows sever 2008 respectively on them so that is another mystery as well..

any ideas??

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Very likely your pagefile and/or hibernation file. These are hidden system files that usually reside on the root of the C: drive. Unless you have "hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options, you won't see those. They can take up a few GBs of space, depending on your settings.

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I meant right click not left click. So i see my pagefile size is 1.5 gigs and can't find the hibernation file, hiberfil.sys, so still that would take me up to 6.8 + 1.5 = 9.4 but that still gives a difference of 15-9 = 6 gigs where is this other 6 gigs and anyway i included the pagefile when i got the original 6.2 gigs by selecting all folders and files in c:\ and viewing properties, i don't have that much installed and have run various cleaners and also diak cleanup.




What is the deal??

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Do you have system restore turned on? If so, I'm it's taking up quite a chunk

Yup i just figured that out as well. It's the system volume information folder that is taking up the missing 9gigs, aka system restore files.

Now the weird thing is that the checkbox option to turn off system restore in its properties is greyed out...

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