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Help: Installing XP onto an AHCI enabled ICH9 (Not R) motherboard


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I've got a GA-P35-DS3L that I'm trying to install XP on, only I'm having trouble installing it with AHCI enabled. Everytime I try to load drivers with the F6 method, I get the BSOD. I've tried countless drivers for the past few hours and I've finally given up, heh

I've seen the thread on enabling it when you already have it installed, and in that thread I found a POST showing you how to use it as an F6 and slipstream method, but it's still giving me a BSOD

Here is my edited set of drivers. Does anyone know why it's BSODing? Or can someone help me edit the newest Intel drivers?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it

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You will probably need to integrate the driver you need using nLite. Check out the nLite forum below for more details.

The top sticky post in the nLite forum appears to be directly on topic for you:


Or, you may find this guide helpful:


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#1 Install xp without AHCI on a hard drive using the Intel controller. get it running with all the drivers-video, chipset,etc

#2 Install a second hard drive on the jmicron controller and set it to AHCI in the bios.

#3 On startup xp will ask for drivers for the new device [second hard drive]

#4 Once the AHCI drivers are installed and xp can see and use the second drive, reboot into the bios.

#5 Set your Intel controller to AHCI and reboot. xp will start normally since the AHCI drivers were installed in #4.

Worked for me.hope this helps :)

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