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USB functional patches for Win2000 after SP4 and R1


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I don't remember myself writing about XP SP3 USB related files in 2K... :unsure: Those files are incompatible with 2K and can't be used as they are. I did mention somewhere that it might be possible to use XP Beta ("Whistler") files but I haven't tried them yet. It's pretty complicated because in order to do that ALL of the original USB related files would have to be replaced.

I don't really use USB based backups so I don't know too much about it :( and won't probably be able to help you with this problem. As for WinSetupFromUSB, in order to use it in Win2k you must download the previous beta version (not the newest one), and then open "Advanced Options" and enable displaying all drives there. After doing so you'll be able to select your USB device (use keyboard arrows to switch between them). You also should format the device using the system Disk Management (or just "format" from command line) instead of using the tools from WinSetupFromUSB.

Have you got the drivers for ICH10 integrated in your source? You should use the ones from BlackWingCat (http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/813816.html). nLite should be able to integrate them.

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hey thanks tomasz86!

you're right ... I saw that kb838989 was included in UU-v10c but I had inadvertently copied the filelist for XP over into my 2K database ... so when I did a search it came up ... I was getting tired ... arghh

what I'm thinking is that ... we know that XP can be booted from a thumb drive -- so that's a start. If we can tweak the XP script over to 2K (see "USBBoot 2.04 TBS script to enable booting XP from a USB drive" see Additional Items)) then we can get 2K booting from USB.

If we can get 2K to boot from USB, then we should also be able to install 2K into a USB!!

Then we could install 2K from a setup-USB into a system-USB!! That would be nice for hardware testing!

I thought it might be worth an effort. It might be the 2K kernel, or it might be that the script is hardcoded for the XP file set (2K 838989 accomplishes the same thing (recognize USB through power cycles) but it uses different file names.

I'm now trying to build a XP machine to verify that it's not my motherboard. major ARGHHH ... visually XP is like going backwards to Windows 3.111!!! Do you remember that one?? I'm hearing windows 8 will be 30 gig!

2K boots the dos phase of an install (the intial copy files) and on first powercycle, it boots the second phase (640 VDA setting up? or something)

But at the second power recycle, at last reboot, into final logon screen, the system loses the USB nad returns BSOD 7B.

one of the files needed to tweak a XP install to boot from USB is USBPORT.INF

I'm not an inf maven (not even hardly ...) but my suspicion is that file is might be worth a quick look see ... If I read the /comment lines right, that inf is intended to port USB files down to 2000 and ME and 98se. Thus a homeoner who has XP and who wants to share XP-level USB with other machines in a domain or something ...

on an XP install, I think it's found under I386\ or I386\inf\ ?? (I'm on 98 right now)

it might be worth a quick look ... attached is a zip ... if you're familiar with inf-talk, it'll be a read fast (does it port the XP USB files down to 2K? usbohci, usbuhci, ... etc.?

that's why I put the question in this thread for 2K options for USB filesets ...

Part of pointertovoids quesiton was also related to ICH10R as well, since ICH10R southbridge handles the USB bus

AMAZING ... Intel's drivers for AHCI and RAID are XP ... but the Intel drivers for ICH10 USB has a 2K set of drivers. Thus, 2K is flying high for USB side of ICH10R!! It's a standard Intel ICH10R installer ... it's readme.txt file lists 2000 as qualified. It's a few meg so I can gmail if needed, but give me a few days, since I gmail from the library. (I'm on dialup at home). AHCI is nice for servers where 100 clients are all trying to get at different parts of a hdd on a server at the same time. So AHCI queues up all the requests so as to minimize head thrashing and seek time. But the AHCI overhead is useless (or worse) for a single workstation. Where request queue has a depth of all of ... 1) And I don't need RAID so, I don't need ICH10 drivers for RAID or AHCI ... I leave my bios as IDE (just as fast) ... and Intel's ICH10 IDE-to-SATA bridge is straight through 2K as well.

I'd like to try blackwing's kernel with the XP script to see if a USB can boot 2K, but I can't figure out how to get a link ... google doesn't translate his site on my 98se browser very well ... he has this tool with dropdown selections to match OS and chipset to his download links ... but google doesn't translate inside the dropdown boxes for me ... so I can't get to the links ... maybe your 2K site could link to some of his kernels? mine mobo is msi P43-neo3f ... P43-ICH10R chipset with core2duo e7300, with windows 2000sp4 and evolving

If we can get 2K to boot from USB, then eventually, then we are not far from getting 2K to install into USB ... good for quick testing

edit -- forgot to attach zip


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what I'm thinking is that ... we know that XP can be booted from a thumb drive -- so that's a start. If we can tweak the XP script over to 2K (see "USBBoot 2.04 TBS script to enable booting XP from a USB drive" see Additional Items)) then we can get 2K booting from USB.

If we can get 2K to boot from USB, then we should also be able to install 2K into a USB!!


There are NO issues that I can remember in booting 2K from USB if not that of pagefile not available..

It was done more than 6 years ago.

See here:


the procedure is suitable (and actually reported as working) to Win2K also:



Since there was not much interest in Win2K even then (everyone was already on the XP bandwagon, the topic was never deepened much, but I had it working allright.


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@jaclaz the 2nd link you gave lists USB files from XP

that's the reason I posted here ... because these files are not included in 2K, but I believe they are needed by 2K to be USB bootable

according to USBPORT.INF from XP these files might be intended for use in 2K as well, though not a part of any KB patch ... from USBPORT.INF

DefaultDestDir=11 ; LDID_SYS
; For Windows NT, all drivers go into %windir%\system32\drivers. Since
; there isn't a DIRID (LDID) that represents this path on both NT and Win95,
; we specify the relative path off of %windir%.
EHCI.CopyFiles.NT = 10, system32\drivers
OHCI.CopyFiles.NT = 10, system32\drivers
UHCI.CopyFiles.NT = 10, system32\drivers
USB.CopyFiles.NT = 10, system32\drivers
USBUI.CopyFiles.NT = 11
HCCOIN.CopyFiles.NT = 11
HUB20.CopyFiles.NT = 10, system32\drivers

I'm can't read inf, but it looks like copy all *EHCI, *OHCI, *UHCI, *USB and *HUB20 to system32\drivers

the next section defines a Generic USB device:

; =================== Table of content =========================
; note that these are in alphabetical order

under the Generic Section we find a comment on backwards compatibility with Windows 2000:

; =================== Generic ==================================
; provides backward compatibilty with USB2.0 on WinMe and
; Windows 2000

for the terabyte script to run, 2K needs

--hccoin.dll to \WINNT\system32\

--usbui.dll to \WINNT\system32\

--all usb*.sys to \WINNT\system32\drivers\


the USBPPORT.INF then ports XP drivers for USB down to 2K (and ME and 98se)

so, that's the question ... do these files XP belong in a 2K final?

IF this is a standard MS port down from XP to 2K (which is buried in the XP install and rarely noticed), and if the port makes USB under 2K more powerful ... any reason why not?

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Frankly speaking, I've got no idea about USBPORT.INF. In the past I did try to prepare such an installation which would be able to run from a USB memory stick but in the end it didn't work.

At that time I tried to follow instructions from this website:


It's for XP/2003 and it's in Polish so you need to use a translator. One important thing to know is that the files have different names in 2K and XP/2003, ex.


usbehci = usbehci.sys
usbohci = usbohci.sys
usbuhci = usbuhci.sys
usbhub = usbhub.sys
usbstor = usbstor.sys

but in 2K:

openhci = openhci.sys
uhcd = uhcd.sys
usbhub = usbhub.sys
usbstor = usbstor.sys

I'm guessing that:

XP usbohci = 2K openhci

XP usbuhci = 2K uhcd

XP usbhub = 2K usbhub + 2k usbhub20

XP usbstor = 2K usbstor

XP usbehci = 2K usbehci

There's a different number of files in 2K and XP and some of them have got different names, so you can't just follow the guidelines for XP/2003.

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