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EEE + Arduino = EEEbot , where to begin?


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Hey all,

I just got a stirdy robot base. (from an old lady scoot , like this: Link.

And I want to use some servos which I have left (standard futaba) in combination with a arduino to build a robot.

Which arduino is the best choice(and cheapest) to be controlled live by an eee (via usb?), controll 4 to 5 servos and have access to 3 to 5 switches/sensors?


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I figured you wouldn't really get an answer as there doesn't seem to be too many embedded guys around here.

There are many types of servos so it's not much help knowing just that (not that I actually use any). I'm not familiar with arduino board series either (I do however know the MCUs they use, it's just that we design & manufacture our own boards).

As long as it has enough inputs/outputs of each kind you need and enough flash to store your code (which should be quite simple as you seemingly will make the EEE handle all the logic) you should be good to go. USB-wise, it just uses a simple FTDI chip, nothing special there.

Seeing as you're from the Netherlands, I looked at both Arduino stores in that country. They both carry the Arduino Duemilanove (which looks OK) and not much else. Pretty cheap too: 26.18€ or 26.18€ (about $34 USD). Just review the specs and make sure if does what you need before buying it.

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