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Dual PXE/TFTP boot Windows PE 2.1 (32 and 64bit)


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I am looking for a guide to pxe boot 32 or 64 bit Windows pe 2.1. I am using pxelinux for multiboot but due to the hardcoded pxeboot.0 I dont get how to add another Windows PE 2.1 bootimage into it. Since it hardlinks to boot.wim etc...

Is there a way to dual boot Windows 2.1 PE (32 or 64 Bit)?



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Hi all,

i have the same problem. i also use pxelinux and haven't found a way for dual boot with pxelinux.

Hopefully someone have a solution :rolleyes:



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Yes, it can be done. We had dual booting using our pxelinux system. pxelinux itself points to a BCD file, which is configured to give you a menu of different options for booting. Our pointed to a x86 and an x64 WinpE boot WIM.

I don't remember how we got it to work though, as we did away with the need to dual boot. We now handle all our installs (both 32 and 64 bit) through a 32bit WinPE image.

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Hi Jazkal,

we can install Vista 64-bit through a winpe 32-bit Version, too. I have replaced the install.wim from a 32-bit install DVD to a 64-bit.

Also i need a a special unattend.xml with both 32-bit and 64-bit entries.

The 32 bit-entries are used for the Vista Setup in Winpe. After a reboot the 64-bit entries are used.

But how can i install Server 2003, Server 2008 and XP all in 64-bit through winpe 32-bit.

Which 64-bit OS do you deploy through winpe 32-bit? Do you use the setup routine or imagex ?

Do you have a good link for me?



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I'm lucky in that I only have to support the Server versions of the OS.

We have Win2k3 x86 and x64, and Win2k8 x86 and x64 both installing from Winpe2.1 x86.

See this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925279/

For Win2k3 we use the winnt32.exe for a network install, but most of those are captured to a WIM for a syspreped deployment.

And Win2k8 we also do network based installs, as well as syspreped WIM deployments also.

I would try out those switches in that article and see if they also work for XP. You may get lucky.

If not, I'll see if I can find any of my old notes on multi-boot winpe2.1 and pxelinux.

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Its also the architecture detection of the WDSNBP detects most things as 64bit because its seeing the CPU. Very few 32bit CPUs nowadays, so WDS always tries to boot the x64 option. I just hardcoded the 32bit bootpath into the 64bit field to handle that situation.

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