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backup hotfixes for another clean windows install


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I have updates my XP from automatic update, installed about 46 Hotfixes.

Is there a way I can Back up these hotfixes to use on my next XP X64Bit install?

Any Ideas?

hi mate,

if you have the actual Hotfix files on your 'puter, what you could do is burn those 46 files to CD. After formatting/clean-reinstalling XP and installing latest Service Pack, copy the Hotfixes from CD to Desktop, then click on each Hotfix in date order of release >>>> this will install each hotfix. Or you could execute a Batch File command to install em in one hit.

this is what i intend to do in the future.....burn em to CD, install em after a reinstall (saves me time in downloading all the post-SP3 patches again)

actually, what i am trying to work out here now is >>>> how do you integrate 42 XP Home Security/Update fixes (since the release of SP3 in May 2008) INTO service Pack 3 (???). I would call it "Service Pack 4" lol.

if you don't have the actual Hotfix file (KBxxxxxx.EXE) on your 'puter as a file, you can type "download KBxxxxxx" (without quotes and replacing xxxxxx with the no. of the KB) into Google Search, and it will take you direct to M'$oft'$ Download site for that file >>>>>> then click Download button. Get them all, burn em to CD for the future.

cheers :thumbup

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@Iceman262: Remodelling of this is to batch them in CMD in the same folder with the equivelant switches (No backup, No restart , silent install,...)

Yet I am talking about the installation into windows Dir. Not KBXXX.exe which aren't downloaded by WindowsUpdate

BTW: there is No SP3 for X64 bit system anyway

Regarding SP4 idea , search for RyanVM , he has done a great gob at this

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