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Hard drive crashed


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I was using partition magic to partition my hard drive. I used it from a bootable disk, when i loaded the program it asked me to correct 2 errors and said yes, in the partition magic it wasnt showing any partitions so i restarted and now it loads windows and then immediately restarts, i did however get a glimpse of it saying to do chkdsk /f. I tried that but it says the drive is locked. I put the drive in another machine and it doesnt show it as an active partition.

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Hi, You need to provide far more info. You are "partitionning" a drive with PM, do you mean a (second) empty drive or "resizing the partitions" on your main drive ?

One drive ? two drives ? ATA - SATA ? What PM version ? How big is the drive ? How big the partitions ? What service Pack is your XP running (this is the XP forum, right?) What have you tried to do exactly with PM ? Has it done any work or has it just "corrected something" in a split second ?

You say Windows restarts but you were still able to do a checkdisk ... how ?

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i only got as far as loading PM which had me correct 2 errors. i did not do anything beyond that, no i cannot do chkdsk it says the drive is locked and when put in another pc it doesnt show up as a active partition.

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