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Problem with deleting files from Desktop


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Hi guys,

I have really strange problem. I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 fully updated. The problem is that I can't delete any .exe file located on my desktop. I used TuneUp Process Manager to see what is holding the file, and it is explorer.exe. So to delete file I have to end process explorer.exe and then to use some other program to get Windows Explorer view to delete it. I use TuneUp process menager. I just select New Task, then click Browse, locate file on desktop and delete it. So, as soon as I put any .exe file on desktop I can't do nothing with it, except to Run it. I can't move it and I can't delete it. I can rename and make a copy of it. This only happens when file is placed on Desktop. Here is the message I get when I try to delete it:


Any suggestion how to resolve this? It's really annoying to do steps I described above to get file deleted.

Cheers ;)

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That's a weird one.

Make sure that you are running with an administrators account to make sure its not some sort of limit on you account.

Could you also create a new user account in the control panel if you have the priviledges and login with that and try the same as what you are doing with your current account to make sure you haven't corrupted any of you user settings.

Are you a member of a domain? I don't know much in this area but maybe there have been some group policies applied to your user account, even if you are not part of a domain, you or someone with access to your machine may have applied a group policy.

I would suggest checking for spyware/virii(viruses) as a precaution just to make sure you dont have something on there that would be interfering with the normal operation of Vista.

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