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[FAQ] Why does vLite asks for WAIK Installation


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Former versions of vLite included of some files of the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) which are not allowed to distribute. With vLite Version 1.2 nuhi removed the files and you have to install the WAIK first:


Download the ISO and mount it or burn it and install the WAIK.

When you now start vLite on a x64 Windows everything is fine and vLite detects the installed WAIK and copies the WIMGAPI.dll the the vLite folder. The WIMGAPI.dll contains the API to mount, unmount and other stuff which you need to deal with WIM Images.

When you run vLite on a x86 Windows (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 32Bit, Windows Vista 32Bit, Windows Server 2008 32Bit) you'll see the prompt "Install WAIK" again. vLite 1.2 has a bug which prevents the detection of the WAIK.


You have to copy wimgapi.dll from Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86 to the vLite folder.

Now you can run vLite whithout any problems!

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Here is what I found for Windows 7 vLite support so far:

- dont remove games (maybe only Premium games are ok), setup breaks

- if you remove manual install copy Sources files back to the folder from the full but don't overwrite any files and remake ISO or setup popups missing hdd controller driver (maybe just in VMWare)

- Beep needed for Windows Audio

- don't use Skip CDKey option in Unattended or it won't start setup

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