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problem making vistaPE CD

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Hello I am kasinath,

I have installed in my system[(compaq presario SR1630il) 2GB RAM with two 80GB hard disks(Wimdows Xp professional sp3))]

Acronis trueimage echo workstaion(9.5.8163) (components(i)management console (ii) Trueimage echo workstaion .

Then acronis disk director 10.0.2160.

Then acronis trueimage echo workstaion universal restore(9.5.8163).

First I made Bootable Rescuemedia builder from the trueimage echo worksation

startup menu with all trueimage echo workstation options.

The cd booted and safe versions with and with out unversalrestore got loaded with out problem.

But the full versions gave only blanck screen.

I wen thro acronis forum about this problem and

1)I tried all the option givien in acronis forum at the last by sending my sysinfo file. acronis customer support as send on rescue iso file and I burnt it as cd.

Meanwhile I went thro Mr.mudcrab's tutorial for making vistaPE cd.

I followed the tutorial and downloaded and installed windows AIK and winbuilder(074) from the links in the tutorial.

when I run the winbuilder by first it downloaded the scripts as per the turtorial

for vista11 and while I pressed the play button for making the vista iso

it started processing then suddenly my system rebooted it self and after loading it gave a error message it system recovered from serous system error.

It seems that the system rebooted while processing the script "mounting Waik...".

I cound not get any log file also

I tried 2 to 3 times the same result.

let me know what difference it will make between safe and full version of acronis

while backup and restoring the image.

Also with acronis bartpeplugin cd made from the installed menu after booting

does not show as 'Acronis True image echo workstaion with universal retore'

It shows as only acronis true echo work staion.

I am intending going for mustang's batpe plugin and echo work staion scripts

after getting clear about vistape cd.

let me also know any scripts for acronis trueimage echo work station( available to add to

livexp ,if I could not able to make vistspe cd


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