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Wireless router & desktop PC issues


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Hey guys

Help me to solve out my cousin's problem. His router is working ok on wireless signals for his other 2 laptops, no problems with them they are receiving internet connection ok. However, his 'wired' desktop pc has suddenly stopped communicating with the same router (through a regular network cable as always been). I've tried everything, connected to another 'port' (it's a 4-hub one), turned off/on hardware router & PC, unplugged/plugged network cable, 'inverted' its connection, changed a new one, updated mobo network drivers etc. I also performed maintenance routine cleaning registry, defragging disk, his computer is malware free btw. The line signal light does not come on on the router, no connection with the pc.

any ideas :blink:

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Man this seems like the same almost same problem I been trying to fix on a clients computer. I havent had any luck. I tried every trick in the book, I even been to school for computer networking and I can't even figure it out. its like it worked before and now it just doesnt want to work no matter what you do.

If I can remember, I think the last time I fixed this it was some file in the registry I deleted and rebooted the computer and it worked again, but I don't know.

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