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registry corruption and mup.sys - windows fails to boot


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We've had several laptops at work fail over the last few days, all with the same problem and I can't figure out how to fix them.

At first they fail at loading windows - the windows xp loading screen appears, then disappears as if windows proper is about to start, then a brief blue screen, then reboot. the blue screen says that one of the registry hives is corrupt - usually either System or Software. I've followed the instructions on KB307545 (all of part one at least) but it still fails. The blue screen no longer shows up, but the machine just freezes at the point where it should go to windows proper (booting in safe mode, it stops at Mup.sys and gets no further).

Before fixing the registry as above, I ran CHKDSK from recovery console, which found and corrected one error.

It would be possible to reinstall windows, but preferable to be able to repair it as this is happening on several machines now.

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It's probably the display driver as safe mode in xp still loads your 3rd party display driver. If youre getting file corruption issues it's probably a hardware issue or some program such as antivirus is corrupting files.


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