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Installer spread over 2 discs

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I'm pretty sure you can copy both sources to your local disk in the same directory. Overwrite anything on CD1 from CD2. Once you have done this open Nlite and click on bootable CD. Name your image and give it a new volume name. Once that is done click on make iso and a new image will be created with both CD1 and CD2 contents. Now I would think this image is bigger than what a regular CD would hold. If so you may have to get UltraISO to make the CD iso into a DVD iso.


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This is what I do...

Create a folder called R2.

Copy the entire contents of CD1 to the R2 folder

Rename the autorun file on the root of R2 (originally on CD1) to autorun.orig

Copy the contents of the docs folder on CD2 to the docs folder on R2

Copy the entire contents of CD2 (minus the docs folder) to the R2 folder

During my installation, I copy the ie386 directory to my hard drive. So, after the first reboot during installation I have Runonce run the R2 Setup by adding the following line...

REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\i386\cmpnents\r2\setup2.exe /q /a /sr" /f

Incidentally, since my installation is over 600MB, I create an ISO using NLite and burn to DVD using Nero.

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