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Cant see or be seen by other network computers

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Hi Hi, i used nlite, windows xp sp3 (integrated sp3 with nlite).

this is my .ini

I dont know why my dhcp wont work, since i kept that in compatibility, and why the computer is unable to see other pcs from the network, and is not visible to them.

other than that, it works great, and since it will move to my girlfriend's house where its the only pc, i wont fix this particular install, but i dont want this to happen when i reinstall my brothers windows.

(i dont care about dhcp since i manually input the ip here at home, but i did wanted my girlfriend to have an easier time configuring her network in case she needed to).

EDIT: ok, i deleted the ini from my work folder since i made another windows wich i decided NOT to install since i didnt need to fix the problem now, and it was working so fast :P

so this are the las 3 .ini from the preset folder in nlites installation folder.

the last one SHOULD be from my last work, so its not the correct one, one of the other 2 must be, since they both correspond to the day i made it (i have no idea why there are 2, since i remember doing only 1)


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The last one should work? One of the other 2 must be? Nlite saves automatically last session ini's if that helps. It would be easier if you could just come up with the right last session ini, and not alternatives, to what end i have no clue.

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maybe i wasnt THAT clear cause english isnt my first language, but i never said this or that .ini SHOULD work.

you assumed that :P

what i meant by my last sentence, was that from those 3 .ini, the last one (as in the OLDEST one), should be from the last time i used nlite [thats what i tried to said by last work, since i work with pcs, i tend to use that word even when i am not working :P]. This last attempt has a 100% working network (i was forced to install it on my computer when my 320gb hdd decided to die yesterday, but then it wasnt the hdd, it was the sata cable, then the motherboard, and now every component came back to life, but i lost my vista and xp installations in the proces ).

From the other 2 settings.ini, one, is the conflict one. The other i DONT know why its there.

i Took all 3 form the folder where nlite saves them each time you use them, they are timestamped by windows, and i know wich one should be the correct one by date, but when i made my girldfriends nlited windows, i used nlite only once, and there are 2 .ini corresponding to that date :P

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