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internet wont work


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well my interent wont work i tryed reinstalling the drivers for my modem but still no luck

when i go on a internet type program it will say the program has caused a error in <unkwown>

and when i try to reinstall the drivers for the modem it says motorola has casued a error in <unkwon>

my modem is a motorola SB5101 SURFboard cable modem

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Are you using ethernet or USB to connect the modem?

Have you updated ME with any of the available patches? before installing the drivers.

Have you installed a Firewall or AV software that may block installation or connection?

You will need to uninstall the drivers via control panel > system or maybe via the install disk if it allows it before reinstalling.

Is TCP/IP installed - ME may not install it as a default on some systems

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its a usb modem

i have been on the mircosoft web site and got all the updates from the update thing in internet expleror

but am not sure if a repair install takes the updates away

and my av and fire wall anit up when am trying to install the drivers

whats a tcp/ip

oh ya and under system devices in device manager theres a yellow ! next to plug and

play bois extension and i go into it and it says : the NTKERN.VXD device loader(s)

for this device could not load the device driver (Code 2) and says update the drivers

but i click update and it cant find any drivers for it. i remeber it being there

a long time before this so its not a new device i think it dont tell me what plug

and play bois extention it is so i wouldent know where to get the drivers for it


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not sure

but other usb type things work like usb drives and web cams

You may try these USB2 drivers:


I used them to make a "rebel" USB2 pendrive work.

The .exe file that you download is in fact a .rar file, so you don't need to install everything if you don't want. It is enough to unzip the file into a new folder, delete every reference to USB in control panel > system and reboot. When the system demands a location for the new drivers you send it to the new folder.

Important: save system.dat ant user.dat before doing anything so that you may restore both via DOS in case that this solution doesn't work.


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i dont thibk i need this its just windows not letting me on the internet i just need to find out was causing this: program has caused a error in <unkwown>

and when i try to install the drivers for the modem: motorola has casued a error in <unkwon> and some times :motorola has casued a error in <rundll32.dll>(cant remember if its run32.dll or rundll32.dll)

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