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WUD crash when updating ulz and downloading at same time.


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I was downloading Win XP SP2 fixes with the ulz on this site. While it was downloading (takes awhile),

I decided to download the ulz for some of the other update lists. When I downloaded i.e. office 2k3 ulz,

it asked to install it, which I did. When it tried to install the file, WUD crashed and a few hours worth

of downloading had to be started over again.

a). Let one be allowed to install another ulz file into WUD while it is downloading using a different ulz file.

Should one try to download and install a ulz file that is the one that is currently being used to download,

the WUD will give an error message stating it can't update due to a download currently being done.

For other ulz filenames, it will install without problem.

b ). Allow one to pause the download, or auto pause if the connection is broken so that one can start from

the point one left off for the current (big) file that is being download and so that one doesn't have to start

over again.


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