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Nuhi WANTED:in [Default hide] mode most nlite tweaks isn't applied


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Hi guyz.

I made two copies of my UXPCD, one is fully unattended and just fine, the other one is for repairing purpose so I choosed "Default hide" mode in it.

Since in this mode the "$OEM$" is ignored so "cmdlines.txt" won't run --> "nlite.inf" which contains all the tweaks prepared by nLite firstly for the "Full Unattended" mode won't be applied either.

I would apply all these tweaks once the windows repair/reinstallation made by the seconde CD is finished :blushing: . So I tried the following:

expand the "i386\nlite.in_" into "system32\nlite.inf"

run : "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,nlite"

That did nothing as far as I noticed :wacko: .

Any possible trick here?

Thank you in advance for u all :hello:

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I also expanded "i386\nhelper.ex_" to "system32\nhelper.exe", because it's called in "RunOnce" by "nlite.inf".

I manually set the "NetBT" (Net BIOS over TCP/IP) to "automatic", my "nlite.inf" should bring it to "disabled" once applied. Using my method the service stay unchanged, that's why I suppose it doesn't work.

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I made two copies of my UXPCD
... and modified one of them.

Yes, the seconde one is made exactly like the first with exception of the installation mode between "Full unattended" for the first and "Default hide" for the seconde.

I believe it's still important to have one UXPCD for repair tasks, isnt' it?

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I regularly check this topic to see if someone has replied.

I write this post for final attempt.

If someone could answer it will be highly appreciated and very helpfull for me and all others.


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