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Vlite's min required HD size?


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hi, upon trying to install vista, heavily cut down onto a cd, i get the error 'Windows is unable to find a suitable volume for installation' the drive is 3.8gb, install formats it, i can only assume its formatting it to ntfs as it doesn't list the format, i haven't tried anything as of yet, just wondering if it will install onto a drive of under 4.8gb as thats what it tells me the recommended size for install is.

this drive is a cf card, using a modified hitachi microdrive driver to recongise it as a fixed disk (i belive this works as i have 2 cf's plugged in, and the driver is modified to only see one of the drives as fixed, and vista will only let me select the drive i added into the inf), this is an old PII dual cpu 450 with 756mb of ram, its more out of curosity, its only use is for email and internet browsing, and xp was giving me a lot of grief, so figured i'd just try a vlited vista to see how it runs, otherwise i'll go back to xp on it...

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If you did cut the final install size down enough, it can be installed on 8GB disk, BUT! there must be no bigger disk in the system. I've installed my vlited Vista Bussiness x64 on 8GB CF card, but I had to unplugg 640GB drive first.

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