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Not able to manually set pagefile?


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I've been trying to resize the pagefile size in WinXP.

I want it to be min 6mb, max 12mb, but that seems impossible?

In fact it seems impossible to modify it manually at all?

No matter what I do, the pagefile file keeps getting the same size?

You know when pagefile is activated you can find a pagefile.sys in the hard drive root, for me it's always like 4gb large?

Even when I've manually configured it to be max 12mb?

Is there no way to fix this? What's the point with having the manual option if it doesn't work?

I can try with different numbers, like min 512mb, max 1024mb, still the pagefile.sys keeps being 4gb+ large?

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I have my XP Pro x64 set to 3070 MB/3070 MB (min/max) and it is exactly that size to the byte (3070*1024*1024). How did you set it? Have you rebooted? Your sidebar says Vista, but your question says Win XP. Which is it and if XP which version? What does this have to do with nLite?

Enjoy, John.

Edit: Look at this Topic for more information about page files. What is your memory size?

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