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use ramdisk to load usb driver


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im using config.sys to load device=USBASPI.SYS /v /r to load the usb 2.0 driver

but after that the usb device [that im using to boot the system] is gone

and the system looking for command.com to complete the booting [ win98 os]

so maybe the driver could load from the ramdisk and then i could continue loading the system

and set the usb device back with 2.0 enabled

how i could do that ?

i tested that in config.sys


but now how could access the ramdisk if i duno its letter drive

and i wanna place the drivers files there


device=R:\Usbaspi.sys [for usb2]

device=R:\DI1000DD.SYS [ for set it back i think ]

how could i place those drivers files already ?

maybe u know about better ramdisk ? [for dos]


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