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limit computers activities?


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im reformatting my grandparents computer for about the 5th time in the last 4 months. They keep messsing something up. so i thought of an idea, how do i restrict all activites on the computer except internet, using the programs installed etc. and if a setting gets changed i simply restart the computer and it goes back to how it was before.

(usually school computers, or library computers have this kind of thing)

any help would be appriciated:)

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While I absolutely love Faronics (they are hands down THE best software company I have ever worked with) if the 45$ is too much, you should prolly give Windows SteadyState a look:


Its from Microsoft, its free and its geared more to what you are looking for anyways. it can freeze the system the same as DF but also includes some easy lockdown options using group policies in a wizard type format.

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