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Games not requiring directx updates...


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It's a strange requested, but after some DOZENS of reinstallations of windows I'm really BORED, and as each time I try updating Directx the system crashes with a bluescreen, I decided not to update DirectX. I think there are some HW problems on HD and on RAM which are preventing the PC from proper working. But as it is used by a guy who got it as a gift, and who has never used a computer before (although it's 30...), I think it dos not worth the effort of upgrading the hardware: Office 95 works fine, Tetris works too, and so Van Basco Karaoke ... What he needs more is just a few more games tp play with... and to get skilled enough with the PC to decide if he wants to buy a REAL :rolleyes: PC rather than a wreck (AMD Duron 900 MHz, 1.2 GB HD, 128 MB RAM...).

So, back to the question in the title...

can anybody suggest any old good game from The Underdogs which does not require directx over 6.1 version? There are plenty of games from 1998 backwards, I just need to know which ones are not DOS program and which ones are funny, interesting, or whatelse...

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I think Constructor would be a good call. Although it is a DOS application, it is really user friendly. By the way, I think there is an official update that made it a native Win95 application (my Constructor CD came with this, I could install both the windows version and the DOS version in the same folder, besides the EXE and some video files, and some DOS-only config files, everything was "shared"). The bad news is, the Win95 "version" doesn't work on Windows XP, whether I was able to get the DOS version working in NTVDM perfectly.

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If you don't mind slightly rephrasing the thread title to Games not requiring directx updates... well, you might consider OpenGL based games which work surprisingly well on under-powered Win9x systems.

The two that come immediately to mind are Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament. They are thoroughly debugged and have a slew of mods and add-ins that will keep a newbie gamer busy for months or more likely, years. I maintain installations of both titles on my Win9x units and even to this day stumble upon mods, maps, skins, bots and levels that I never used before.

Quake III Arena includes the official mod 'Team Arena' and it's simple to download many other free mods like Western Quake, Urban Terror, Jailbreak, Navy Seals, World of Padman, Hunt, etc. These create a practically infinite selection of games and levels.

Unreal Tournament has almost as many mods, certainly as many maps, but also some more realistic skins and bots.

All in all these two games are extremely reliable on older systems even using the built-in chipset video graphics. If you decide to go this route, one suggestion: install these games completely to the Hard Drive and apply the necessary 'tricks' so that you never need to insert the CD-ROMs again. This is the secret to keeping these games fast and smooth, *no* further CD-ROM access.

I have not looked recently but I imagine you can buy the gold versions (complete CD-ROM retail versions plus documentation) for a good price nowadays. You can also look for 'used' at places like Amazon.

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