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Vista Ult. w/SP1 and hotfixes successful


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I've gotten near total success at this point with my current build of ultimate 32X.

First I integrated all 30 something odd hotfixes that show up after a SP1 os install. So at this point, it's just an out of the box, non SP1 build with all the post SP1 hotfixes integrated, built the iso and verified that it installed with no issues.

Then I fired up Vlite again and this time, used that build as the foundation for the next iteration which all I did was slipstream SP1. I installed the OS once again to verify that it had SP1 and the hotfixes. Microsoft updates showed no avilable updates at that time so everything was patched and up to date.

Final step was to strip unwanted stuff from the build and then make the final iso.

Here's where the problem is. Now, the actual build process is fine and it installs fine with no issues but apparently none of the unattended setup information is retained.

I don't know if this has been addressed yet but for whatever reason, despite putting in the product key, time zone info, user name, etc...and applying the changes, it still takes me to these screens during setup and when I get into the OS, going to my computer properties shows that it didn't take the cd key during the Vlite build. Every other change is retained.

aside from that minor inconvenience, everything works great.

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