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registry Wow6432Node after sp1


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after updating to sp1 with or without vlite the ultimate x64 version have a registry problem!

under the software\Wow6432Node is another Wow6432Node! and when installing other soft it build one Wow6432Node after the another! the regtree seems like this SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\.....!

i fixed this by reverseintegrating and delete the 2nd Wow6432Node befor capture!

the only thing i can understand is that the original ms dvd hat the problem too!

does anyone know if it is a bug by themself or something to f*** up the user! by the way everything works, only repackage prgs sucks by the reg loop at Wow6432Node!! oh and the user folder get a many underfolders to much 4 ntfs after a while!

did ms want that or is it a bug!?

im not the only one, or???

please anybody check this, it can never be healthfully to have a problem like this! not good for the reg, the system or thomething else!

if im the only who had the regloop then please post it too! but i cant think so!

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