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Autorunning WPI

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Hi Guys.

First time using WPI for real (tested it out in the past). Is there a way to add a desktop icon that points to WPI on the DVD. I mean that when a user clicks the WPI icon it prompts for the DVD. Also is there a way to modify the autorun.inf so that WPI is displayed when the DVD is inserted. Which would be the better of the two options?


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Here's my current autorun.inf. There are some decent tutorials out there if you google around some. In short, the top 5 lines set up the default action when you insert your CD/DVD, and the other "shell" commands each match a title to a command that's available when you right click on the disc's icon in my computer. Also note that all file locations are relative to the root of the disc.

You can test the autorun.inf file by compiling it along with any directories and files linked to in the file into an ISO. Then mount the ISO with something like MagicISO and and right click on the virtual drive in My Computer.

label=Unattended Windows Installation Disk 3.0
action=Install Applications

shell\drivers=&Update Computer's Drivers
shell\drivers\command = OEM\DP_Install_Tool.cmd

shell\extras = &Extras
shell\extras\command = explorer "Software\EXTRAS -- Unavailable in WPI\"

shell\duddocs = &Documentation
shell\duddocs\command = explorer documentation

shell\setupwin = &Setup Windows
shell\setupwin\command = SETUP.EXE

shell\partition = &Partition Hard Drive
shell\partition\command = explorer "Administrative Tools\Partition Magic 8 Portable\"

; prevents autoplay
; only works in Vista

I'd love to see a discussion of other commands people add to their autorun.inf's, though this may not be the right forum.



// Edit: clarified instructions on how to test autorun.inf files.

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