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  1. If you know them switches off of the top of your head, could you post. I have not used msi file in a couple of years. I would have to take them time, surely only a few minutes, but I have lots of other things to get finished. BTW, don't look them up, only post if you know them. Thank you msi is usually /quiet /norestart or /qn for silent install.
  2. I make a silent install another way. Decompress the main exe with upxgui or the universal extractor and then further unzip or unrar the main install exe. There will be a new folder with "setup.exe" and a folder called "core". Add both of these to an archive with your favourite method of making silents and use "setup.exe /S" as the switch.
  3. Thank you to both for your replies. Most helpful.
  4. Solved How did you do it then? I would like to know.
  5. RT7Lite works a treat so far. Just a quick question. When the apps are installing prior to first login (a la "setupcomplete.cmd") is there any way to remove the rt7lite branding in the title bar? If any one can point me to the resources I can edit them myself. Thanks.
  6. This is my first time using WAIK so please bear with me. When using vista I managed to install my apps using setupcomplete.cmd. Now, however, I am trying to use waik to automate everything. My xml is attached and is all I have so far. Can you please tell me where I have gone wrong or could have done things differently. Autounattend.xml
  7. I'm resurrecting an old link I know. I've just got a license key from Zabkat. Is there a way to insert it into the addon or make a silent installer with it using Winrar or similar? I can find the data in the registry I just need to know what to do with it if that is whats need. TIA.
  8. Hi Guys. Is it the same process for Vista i.e can I make an autorun menu for Vista the same way as you guys did for XP? Where abouts would I find the text strings in the original setup.exe? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your response. Will give it a go on my next try. Guess what I found in the tools folder? Thats right Autorun.inf. D'oh
  10. Hi Guys. First time using WPI for real (tested it out in the past). Is there a way to add a desktop icon that points to WPI on the DVD. I mean that when a user clicks the WPI icon it prompts for the DVD. Also is there a way to modify the autorun.inf so that WPI is displayed when the DVD is inserted. Which would be the better of the two options? Thanks.
  11. Yep. But in conjunction with the hardware firewall in the router this is more than enough for my needs. It is small and lightweight unlike other firewalls eg Comodo (a good free firewall which i use on my Vista machine) and ZA. Thank you for your reply however.
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