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Does anyone know of a....


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Does anyone know of a POST vLite alternative? I cannot slipstream Vista SP1 into my CD's due to my Cluster size on my OS drive... so i have to use a full install to actually get SP1 to install... then remove s*** afterwords (is it possible? i know they did it with XP... /cry this sucks)


EDIT1: anyone know if I just remove the languages will it still f-up the SP1 install? or does it HAVE to be Vanilla...

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nope... vLite and sysprep dont work... at least not with a 64k partition... something in SP1 must break it... SP1 installs fine from a fresh vista install on a 64k volume however if its integrated with vLite or sysprep is used it fails (it installs HOWEVER when its doing the restarts for SP1 when its finished it fails... with winload.exe)... how unbelievably crappy of Macro$UCKS, although its really my mistake from expecting so much from a company who just used WinME for their example (yes thats right Vista=ME with a modified kernel and updated gfx... least thats what it seems like...)

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Does the large cluster size actually give you any noticeable performance benefits (I assume that's why you've set it like that) compared to the more "normal" sizes?

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I use 64k clusters here on xp x64, but when trying to change cluster size on c:\ with vista installed breaks vista installation. Tried it with acronis disc director suite, and while conversion to 64k on system partition went successfull, it wont boot or anything.

Average copy here exceeds 100mb/sec. The nice thing with large clusters is less chance of disk fragmentation.

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