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Slipstream Office 2007 to install.wim


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I would like to know if it's possible to slipstream Office 2007 to install.wim, so no installation will be needed for this one during my unattended installation. I heard about taking a snapshot of install.wim after installation, but is it really safe? I mean, it would contain all C: variable, so if later I want to install Vista on D:, it will be a total mess.



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Just mount install.wim and copy it to your mounted vista source. In audit mode, autounattend or cmd it will work. But at de end of Office installation you will get a window asking what to do, (it was not relevant 'cause I put it just before the anti-virus at the end, anyway, just click ok to go on. But first preparing Office for unattend, with custom-uA.xml is the best way. Do a search.


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