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  1. I did use that: <Path>%WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /generalize /oobe /reboot /unattend:%DVDRoot%\autounattend2.xml</Path>, But never finish the install.It goes Forever... Why is it not working for me? Regards Those here are my XML's: AUTOUNATTEND.XML autounattend2.xml
  2. Just mount install.wim and copy it to your mounted vista source. In audit mode, autounattend or cmd it will work. But at de end of Office installation you will get a window asking what to do, (it was not relevant 'cause I put it just before the anti-virus at the end, anyway, just click ok to go on. But first preparing Office for unattend, with custom-uA.xml is the best way. Do a search. Regards
  3. On xp pro x86 or x64 (both SP2) it crashes all the time with Vista SP1, that's why I use it only for references voor tools like vista-tools. When you use the basic Vista it don't crash! It create the catalogue but I kan't make changes, so I use my own Autounattend M$ is turning us crazy with deploysoftware that don't work remarked as open-source? As of BDD and WAIK. I use vista-tools to prepare, vLite for SP1, hotfixes and drivers and than again Vista-tools for image creation. Well, it installs all but at last step (system configuration issue) it keeps in a loop... :-) forever! regards ::: Spoof! bent je online? pm me dan aub :::
  4. Orsi - Estou com o mesmo problema mas ninguem reage... http://www.msfn.org/board/Vista-unattended...html&st=180 I've the same prolem but no one will answer, may is everybody on vacation tour .... Raspro
  5. Don't worry I&I will find ma way.... 'cause I allways do... It meent to be an open source thought. Greatings from Jah Rasta Far I Peace
  6. @ cardude Well, I have been doing this the last few days using nLite. I started by slipstreaming SP3 into XP Home SP2 files. I then installed the OS using a virtual machine to see what updates I needed. <quote> Windows Update asked me to install - ----->-KB898461<------ -KB950760 -KB950759 -KB950762 -KB951376 ----->-KB942763<------ ----->-KB890830<------ -KB951213 ----->-KB923789 <------ </quote> nLite will refuse the upadtes older dan SP3 when this is allready integrated. Just ONLY after KB95xxxx. About .NET the answer is hier.
  7. What about doing it manually? Not sure how to do it manually I've found using it in runonce (rather than integrating) removes a lot of issues with hotfix detection, because while the binaries in \system32 get updated when it is integrated, I've seen enough systems where the \system32\dllcache binaries are still IE6 and are not updated to not suggest this method to everyone (this problem will cause IE hotfixes to fail to install properly). Instead, run the IE7 installer in runonce and then install the latest cumulative (currently MS08-024), which will do the same thing (basically) without the potential mess. Very well cluberti, but wich switches did you used with it?

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